15KG By The Horns Elite Barbell

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By The Horns Elite Barbell

20kg & 15kg Cross Fit/Power Lifting/Weight Lifting Barbell

This attention to detail allows for an excellent whip and long-term performance which will outlast all your workouts.The 8 bearing design provides incredibly smooth and responsive spin.

Olympic Knurling, No Centre Knurling

Multipurpose Bar for CrossFit / Power Lifting / Weight Lifting

•8 Needle Bearings + Bushing.
•Weight Tolerance +0.1% / -0.05%
• Dual knurl marks that meet both IWF and IPF specifications for knurl mark spacing
•Bar Diameter - 28mm & 25mm
•Loadable Sleeve Diameter - 50.4mm
•Weight Rating - 2000lbs - 900kg
•Tensile Strength - 200,000 PSI
•Total Bar Length - 2.2m