Competition Fractional Plate Set

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Our Fractional Plates offer the ability to add load to the barbell at increments starting from 0.5kg to 2.5kg. These weights are perfect for progressional gains and breaking PB’s.

Any weightlifter who’s been training their olympic and power lifts for a while knows that most PRs come in tiny increments. Whether training for a new PR, running a competition, or simply want to match your By The Horns Competition Bumper Plates.

 Made from steel and coated in brightly-coloured rubber in the traditional Olympic colours, these plates offer vibration resistance to ensure the fractional plate stays put on the barbell. Each fractional plate meets all IWF color and dimensional specifications, and provide a durable set of plates you can count on for years to come.

Our By The Horns Competition Change Plate Set includes these fractional weights in pairs:

Red: 2.5kgs
Blue: 2kgs
Yellow: 1.5kgs
Green: 1kg
White: 0.5kgs